I’m a natural born storyteller and performer with a commanding presence behind the mic. 

For commercial reads, I’m your real, no none-sense mom-next-door with a cup full of charm and a pinch of sass. Looking for a younger, hipper sound? I’m a millennial, so yeah, I’ve got you covered.

As a narrator, I’m hip, intelligent, and engaging.


Comprehensive training at Voicetrax, Sausalito - Voiceover and Voice Acting Academy in commercial, narration, animation, video games, retail, promo, audiobooks. I’ve explored the art of voiceover with legendary experts across all genres, including Bob Bergen, Lori Alan, Peter Coyote, Tom Pinto, Brian Sommer, Jeff Howell, and Samantha Paris.

My experience is diverse and includes live-storytelling, community theater and stand up comedy.

I brings all of these skills with me when I step in the booth!

Want to see if my voice and your project mesh well together? Connect with me for a custom demo.


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